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Roma – Napoli: forecast and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

Before the start of the 28th round of Serie A, there were 266 games played. On average, Italian referees recorded 27.54 violations of the rules per one match. By the way, last season the figure was 27.84. At the same time, bookmakers offer an indicator of 26.5 as the total bar. And even he seemed overpriced to me.

It’s all about the individual statistics of the teams meeting today. Roma footballers enter into a small number of aerial martial arts, and they do not rush headlong into the qualifiers. About “Napoli” and completely separate conversation. The team is very confident in keeping the ball down, and is almost at the bottom of the league table in the number of aerial single combats. There is also no large number of attempts to tackle the ball. So the estimated total fouls from this meeting are in the range from 21 to 24.

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The match between Roma and Napoli will be judged by Marco Di Bello. His individual performance almost does not differ from the average values ​​of all referees of the Italian Serie A, if literally slightly in the direction of increasing the number of committed fouls. Therefore, the lower forecast bar remains unchanged – 21, and the upper one rises by one point from 24 to 25. In any case, this is less than the total offered by the bookmakers 26.5.

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